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Special Discount Lamai Beach Bungalows
Cheap Bungalows in Lamai Beach Koh Samui with Online Secure Payment


Lamai Beach, Koh SamuiLamai Beach is an impressive crescent-shaped beach with a laidback atmosphere. The palm-fringed beach area with white sands is perfect for lazing around all day long in the sun. The central part of the beach has deep waters, which is ideal for swimming and other water sports. The northern end of the beach has calm shallow water, suitable for children.

Lamai Beach is the second most popular beach of Koh Samui coming after Chaweng, without its hustle and bustle. The laidback atmosphere, lots of accommodation, dining and shopping options, great tourist attractions and exotic spas are the highlights of Lamai Beach.

Lamai Beach is the perfect tropical holiday destination with beach, sun, sand and all modern amenities. Most of your needs are met in the beach itself with vendors crisscrossing the area with varieties of food and drinks, curios, jewelry, and even sarongs.

The beach has an array of massage salas offering Thai oil massage and the regular range of beauty treatments.


Transportation to Lamai Beach


Transportation to Lamai Beach From Bangkok, fly to Koh Samui and then take a minibus from the airport to Lamai Beach. In case, you are traveling by bus or train from Bangkok, you can travel only up to Surat Thani. From there take a ferry ride to Koh Samui. From Koh Samui pier to Lamai, take a minibus to Lamai Beach.


Lamai Beach Accommodation


Lamai Beach AccommodationLamai town was famous for cheap accommodation. The recent influx of tourists to the beach has resulted in new luxury resorts sprouting all over the place.

The Renaissance, The Pavillion and Lamai Wanta are the ultra-luxury resorts of Lamai. Sea Breeze Inn, Samui Beach Resort and T & T House belong to the budget category.


Lamai Beach Dining


Lamai Beach DiningLamai has a wide range of restaurants and eateries to suit all budgets. The swish restaurants attached to high-end resorts to roadside stalls, where a meal costs as less as 30 THB.

Lamai is famous for its vegetarian restaurant, Spa Samui Resort and Scandinavian food. The beach road has a slew of cafés serving international cuisine, where tourists and expats frequent. Travel to the outskirts of Lamai and you will find bistros serving the latest international dishes. 

Coco Roco, Continental Bakery, Coast, Chill-In, Long Island, Jungle Park Restaurant, Rocky’s and Ninja Crepes are some of the popular restaurants among tourists. To taste authentic Thai cuisine, try Salathai or Sabai-Ingale.

Nightlife at Lamai is not as large as the one at Chaweng, but Lamai has its share of beer bars, live music, dance venues and discos. Girlie bars are also aplenty here.


Things to Do at Lamai Beach


Things to Do at Lamai BeachLamai offer both water and land sports for the energetic tourists. Swimming, kayaking, jet skiing, wind surfing, water skiing, parasailing and wakeboarding are all possible here. Mountain biking is very popular among tourists.

Lamai has many tourist attractions like lonely bays, verdant forests, quaint villages, beautiful Wats, mummified monks and phallic rock formations worth seeing. Hin Ta and Hin Yai, the rock formations, Hua Thanon, the fishing village and Wat Khunaram are some of the popular ones.

Lamai is a good shopping center for handicrafts, beachwear, clothes, CD/DVDs and jewelry.


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Lamai Beach Map

Lamai Beach Map

Hotels & Resorts in Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

Green Villa Lamai 9 USD Excluded Booking
Lamoon Lamai Residence Lamai 13 USD Excluded Booking
BT Mansion Lamai 19 USD Excluded Booking
Auberge Resort Lamai 24 USD Excluded Booking
Hathai House Lamai 24 USD Excluded Booking
Best Resort Lamai 26 USD Include Booking
Royal Cottage Residence Lamai 28 USD Include Booking
Samui Seabreeze Place Lamai 29 USD Include Booking
Serene Hill Resort & Spa Lamai 29 USD Include Booking
Orchid Suites Resort Lamai 35 USD Include Booking
Am Samui Palace Lamai 44 USD Include Booking
Varinda Garden Resort Lamai 53 USD Include Booking
The Cottage@Samui Lamai Beach 9 USD Excluded Booking
Magic Resort Lamai Beach 12 USD Include Booking
Coconut Beach Resort Lamai Beach 13 USD Excluded Booking
Surat Palm Resort Lamai Beach 18 USD Excluded Booking
Bonny Hotel Lamai Beach 22 USD Excluded Booking
Aree Beach Resort Lamai Beach 24 USD Excluded Booking
Bill Resort Lamai Beach 24 USD Include Booking
Lamai Buri Resort Lamai Beach 24 USD Include Booking
Ninja Place Lamai Beach 24 USD Excluded Booking
Lamai Inn 99 Lamai Beach 26 USD Excluded Booking
Samui Beach Resort Lamai Beach 26 USD Include Booking
Sarocha Villa Lamai Beach 29 USD Include Booking
Weekender Villa Beach Resort Lamai Beach 29 USD Excluded Booking
Weekender Resort & Spa Lamai Beach 32 USD Include Booking
Grand Thai House Resort Lamai Beach 34 USD Include Booking
Ananta Lamai Beach Resort Lamai Beach 35 USD Excluded Booking
Sand Sea Resort & Spa Lamai Beach 35 USD Include Booking
Lamai Beach Residence Lamai Beach 37 USD Include Booking
Samui Laguna Resort Lamai Beach 40 USD Include Booking
Lamai Wanta Resort Lamai Beach 44 USD Include Booking
WW Will Wait Full Service Apartment Lamai Beach 44 USD Include Booking
Golden Sand Beach Resort Lamai Beach 46 USD Include Booking
Manathai Koh Samui Lamai Beach 49 USD Include Booking
Grand Manita Beach Resort Lamai Beach 50 USD Include Booking
Aloha Resort & Spa Lamai Beach 52 USD Include Booking
Samui Sense Beach Resort Lamai Beach 56 USD Include Booking
Cinnamon Beach Villas Lamai Beach 57 USD Include Booking
Mango Village Lamai Beach 68 USD Include Booking
Samui Jasmine Resort Lamai Beach 68 USD Include Booking
Thai House Beach Resort Lamai Beach 74 USD Include Booking
Rummana Boutique Resort Lamai Beach 103 USD Include Booking
Villa Nalinnadda Lamai Beach 131 USD Include Booking
Rockys Boutique Resort Lamai Beach 150 USD Include Booking
Pavilion Samui Boutique Resort Lamai Beach 151 USD Include Booking
Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa Lamai Beach 192 USD Excluded Booking
Silavadee Pool Spa Resort Lamai Beach 196 USD Include Booking
Sallamai Resort Lamai Hill Side 20 USD Excluded Booking
Samui Pink House Lamai Hill Side 22 USD Excluded Booking
Montra Samui Lamai Hill Side 66 USD Include Booking